photography by maxis gamez

Joshua Tree Nat'l Park Workshop (Additional & Optional) - Jan 29th, 2017 (add $200)

Number of participants allowed: Five (5)

Workshop tuition: $799


why san diego?

While San Diego is a heavily populated area, San Diego also offers a large and magnificent variety of wild life opportunities around a small radius within the city. San Diego is also very rich with landscape opportunities that we'll take advantage of during the workshop, including but not limited to the San Diego coastline and inland locations. I've been to these locations before assuring your opportunities to achieve great images under my guidance.

Unlike other San Diego programs, my workshop is a mixture of Bird Photography and Landscapes. We'll dedicate few afternoons strictly to landscapes, while mornings can be dedicated to Bird Photography.

This Affordable field and classroom instructional workshop will be conducted during early morning and late afternoon on each day and is scheduled to be during the best and most active time of the year for wildlife!!

    I had such a great time at Joshua Tree National Park last January that I’ve decided to share my experience with those interested in exploring the amazing landscapes opportunities that Joshua Tree has to offer. This workshop requires a short drive (3hrs) east of San Diego.

    The tuition for this workshop is $200 per participant. Those interested will CAR POOL with me and travel together as a group. Yes, I’ll be your chauffeur for a day <smile>.

    Please make sure to include that you would like to attend the “Optional” Joshua Tree Nat's Park workshop when you register. The extra $200 tuition must be included with your deposit.

    I already have a few locations targeted at the park. However, we’ll explore a little more and see what else we can find. We’ll get ready before the sunset at a specific location and take advantage of the clear skies to photograph the stars once we finish with the sunset. Please see my images below.

    Full itinerary will be available to you once you register for the workshop.

During the month of January, San Diego temperatures can vary from the low 40's to high 70's. Dress warm and in layers. Bring your warm gloves, hat and hot drinks. If you are planning to attend the optional workshop at Joshua Tree Park Please contact me directly if you have questions about clothing and accessories.

ARe we going to be walking a lot?

    Absolutely NOT. Most locations will be near our vehicles including at Joshua Tree Nat’l Park. 

    • One or two DSLR’s
    • Wide angle lens (Landscape sessions)
    • Mid zoom lens (Panorama sessions)
    • Long lens (300mm or longer)
    • Flash (morning fill flash sessions)
    • Better Beamer
    • Tripod
    • Ball head
    • Plenty of cards
    • Extra batteries
    • Cable release

what species are we going to photograph?

California Brown Pelicans with their amazing red pouch and colorful heads. We’ll also have the opportunity to photograph Wood Ducks, American Wigeon, Lesser Scaup Duck, Ring-necked Duck, California Gull, Heermann's Gulls, Marbled Godwits, Black Oystercatcher, Harbor Seals and many more.

traveling information:

    Suggested Airport:

    San Diego International (SAN) - Make sure to arrive on Jan 25th, 2017 

    Suggested Hotel:

      • Coming soon..

  • $799 per person. 3 FULL days of extensive shooting and learning experience.
  • Maximum of 5 participants (best learning experience). Spouses/significant others are welcome to tag along at their own expense.
  • Please make sure to include $200 for the optional workshop at Joshua Tree Nat’l Park if you would like to be part of that workshop.
  • Deposit should be paid the day you register. Remaining $100 should be paid in full by December 15th, 2016.
  • Each participant is responsible for their own transportation, food, hotel and air fare.
  • Each participant is responsible for his/her own physical condition.

  • 1.- download workshop waiver form (click here)

    2.- Fill out registration form (click here)

    3.- Registration package will be sent to you via e-mail within 48hrs.

    4.- e-mail, call or text if you have any questions (941-623-5155)


    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop

    San Diego Bird Photography Workshop