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February 2016, Newsletter
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Without a doubt Canon dropped a bomb announcing the Canon 1D X MKII. But why I’m not upgrading? The answer is simple… Not enough REACH!

It’s not a secret that I’ve not been a fan of full frame bodies for bird photography unless you can fill the frame with it. Don’t get me wrong. Some locations are perfect for full frames bodies. However, if you are like me that hunts around these birds and try to get close as much as possible, using a full frame body means your
tele-converter is glued to your long lens, PLUS heavy cropping on post.

My mentality proves itself and that’s why I can sell my images to large projects like the Tampa International Airport project. (Read more below).

If that wasn’t the main reason, I would be ALL over this body. I’ve yet to try the Auto Focus system and test the image quality but this body on paper looks fantastic. Media, Sports, weddings and studio photographers are going to LOVE this body!

Below you will find more about the 61 AF Points and a few educational videos about the 1D X MKII.

Following up with what I wrote above, here is a perfect example why I don’t crop beyond 25%. My largest print ever sold was used on an RV by National Geographic. Well, the Tampa International Airport remodeling project is going to top that. See image below.

I’ve always tell people to stop cropping so much. Try harder to get closer. Upgrade your lens and so on.

I’m very proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished since I started photography. YOU can too if you have the correct mind-set and stay focused on what you want to achieve.

Next time you fly to Tampa (TPA), there is a good chance you’ll see my images wrapped around these new carts!

I talk so highly of this event because that’s what delivers. An excellent opportunity for you to learn from some amazing photographers including myself for a very affordable price. Put this event on your calendar and join some of my classes. You won’t regret it!

The Florida Birding & Photo Fest shared one of my images on their newsletter explaining why they image works. Hope you like it and can also learn from it!

You can find my programs by following this LINK

Florida Birding & Photo Fest - Portfolio Review - © Maxis Gamez, All Rights Reserved

For the first time, the event will allow portfolio reviews. These sessions are ALL ABOUT YOU and how you can move forward with your photography skills. Take advantage and bring a few images to review. It’s a fun and very informative way of expanding your vision and letting someone that knows the business of bird photography open your eyes to something new!

Hope you can join me!

Canon 1D X MKII & Nikon D5 Comparison Sheet

With the titans of photography announcing their latest bodies, of course someone is going to compare them. Here is something I shared on Facebook.

Hope you enjoy the article.

My boot camp is approaching rapidly. There is one last minute opening. You still have time to register. Come on down and enjoy Florida. Learn everything I know in 5-days!

There are also a few openings in April.

Hope you'll join me!

Accidents Happen. Get Insurance!

Barbara Bowen from Powder Springs, Georgia recently shared an unfortunate incident in which her Sigma lens broke off the camera mount plate. The camera fell off her table and the results is what you see above.

Her insurance will replace the equipment but my point is to make sure you have insurance!

Viera Wetlands Sunset - Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge © Maxis Gamez, All Rights Reserved

I recently engaged on a Facebook conversation regarding the performance of camera phones. Above is an image I created on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge IN MANUAL MODE. You be the judge!

Alligator Farm Bird Rookery

Alligator Farm Bird Rookery

Read more by following this link


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