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April 2016, Newsletter
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Horses at The Beach 2015 Workshop - Maxis Gamez © All Rights Reserved

Horses at The Beach 2015 Workshop - Image by Chris Klapheke - © All Rights Reserved

The Florida Birding and Photo Fest will begin next week. If you are in Florida, you don't want to miss this event!

Tickets are still available.

Hope to see you there!

I'm extremely happy to invite you to join me next month to the Naples Digital Photography Club. I'll be talking about the relationship between Auto Focus System and Auto Focus Points. This one you don't want to miss.

Hope you'll join me!

If you haven't photographed these beautiful owls, you are missing out. Join me as I carefully select the best locations for fantastic images!

You can learn all about the workshops by following this LINK

Hope you can join me!

Image by Canon - © All Rights Reserved

I had a Facebook follower messaged me about a "Canon" flash he bought on Ebay, only to find out later (weeks later) that it was a COUNTERFEIT flash.

Follow this link and educate yourself. My best advice is to buy from B&H Photo or a reputable on-line store.

You can learn all about it by following this LINK

April's fool is over... but that's me with a Nikon system and I loved it!! :)

That's all I have this month. May's newsletter is full of information and announcements!

Thank you all!